Innovative Green Fibre Composites

We help to create your customized composite and we can supply the special machinery to produce it by yourself.


  In response to the changing environment, Comec will launch a new composite, namely GreenPREG, a revolutionary reinforced polymer made of natural fibre and novel thermoplastic epoxy resin with a wide spectrum of applications leading the way in the fields of natural fiber and bio-sourced composites.   

Benefits of GreenPREG use

  1. Less energy consuming by use of natural fibre
  2. 75% of energy reduction in the production process of FRPs
  3. Complete elimination of solvents used within the prepreg FRPs
  4. 100% reduction of industrial scrap/waste in production of FRP based components
  5. Subsequent reduction of production of new fibres and FRP by the scrap amount
  6. Potential for 100% elimination of landfilling at product’s end of life.


The long-term general objective of the GreenPreg project is to develope new composites made of natural fiber and thermosetting resin, with increased recyclability/reusability and reduced environmental impacts compared to alternative materials.


The long-term general objective of the GreenPreg project is to contribute to the main European environment policies.


The requirements to be satisfied by composites are changing: converters and manufacturers want composites that are not only strong and stable, but also customisable to a certain degree, and preferably obtained from renewable or sustainable sources.


Green Preg project wants to developed a new tecnology for the production of customized composites for different application, with a solvet free tecnology.



Start date of the project

August, 1st 2014

Duration of the project

36 months




The Project



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co funded

This project is co-funded by the European Union within the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, CIP.

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